The exams are coming up

I figured, since it's an english-course I'm taking, and the exams are coming up, (only two weeks left!) maybe I should be writing in english just to annoy you? What do you think? ;)
No, seriousely, I won't have the energy to write in english all the time, but I think that I at least can try it once.

Read an article in Metro today on the busride home. It was about patriotism. Appearently, Sweden was in the third place of the LEAST patriotic, probably because many of us consider patriotism, nationaslism and racism to be similar things. But why is that? Really? How come, in Sweden, it's a bad thing to love your country? Like the things with the Norhtern Gods, Thor, Loke, Oden, Freja, Idun and all the others. How come the hammer of Thor is considerd a racist symbol? I'm sorry if I'm making a fool out of myself now, maybe I already know the answers to my questions, but right now I can't think of anyting. Anyhow, it bugs me that you're not allowed to love your country without beeing questioned on weather you racist or not.
And yes, hate me if you will, but there are some songs with Hel and Ultima Thule that I like, but No, that does NOT mean that I am a racist. Thank you very much

Postat av: Anonym

Äh. vem orkar bry sig ;)

2006-03-14 @ 22:25:31
Postat av: Sara

du tappade mig vid "I figured"... IMORRON ÅKER JAAAAAAG

2006-03-15 @ 07:20:19
Postat av: joanna

inge mer engelska..det va jobbigt=P

2006-03-15 @ 15:38:20

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